7 dic 2016


Dear Andrea Gallazzi,

Once an MVP, always part of the MVP community!

You belong to a very special group of technical leaders and we are extremely happy to extend you the opportunity to join the MVP Reconnect program! As a member of this community, you can expect networking opportunities, recognition, and engagement offerings like speaking invitations and community events.
You are one of the very first members to join this new community and as such, you will be able to make your mark and shape the future of this program. We’d love to see you on our exclusive Yammer channel sharing your ideas, providing your feedback, and creating new conversations for those who will soon be joining. We are looking for a permanent networking platform that provides a fresh, modern experience, and we would love to share with you some of the ideas we have cooked up!

Sull'onda di "Gallina vecchia fa buon brodo" eccomi qui, ancora una volta a far parte della community MVP Reconnect. :-)

Davvero una bella iniziativa per riconnettere i vecchi MVP e per fare community! 

Che dire! Grazie Microsoft! Ottima idea e devo dire anche furba!! Bravi!


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