24 gen 2011

Windows Server Core: How to Update device driver

Have to update a driver on Microsoft Windows Server Core?

Pnputil.exe is a command line utility that you can use to manage the driver store. You can use Pnputil to add driver packages, remove driver packages, and list driver packages that are in the store.

To add a driver to the driver store use:  pnputil.exe -a a:\driver\driver.inf

To add all drivers in a folder use: pnputil.exe -a c:\drivers\*.inf

To add and then install a driver use:  pnputil.exe -i -a a:\driver\driver.inf

To get a list of available third party drivers use: pnputil.exe -e

To delete a specific driver use: pnputil.exe -d driver.inf

To force the deletion of a specific driver use: pnputil.exe -f -d driver.inf


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