8 dic 2010

Exchange Management Troubleshooter (EMTshooter).

In Exchange 2010 the Management tools are dependent on IIS. There are situations where the management tool connection to the target Exchange server can fail, and the error that is returned can be difficult to troubleshoot.

Thus was born Exchange Management Troubleshooter (EMTshooter).

The EMTshooter runs on the local (target) Exchange server and attempts to identify potential problems with management tools connection to it.


The troubleshooter runs in 2 stages. First, it will look at the IIS Default Web Site, the PowerShell vdir, and other critical areas, to identify known causes of connection problems. If it identifies a problem with one of the pre-checks it will make a recommendation for resolving the problem. If the pre-checks pass, the troubleshooter will go ahead and try to connect to the server in the exact same way that the management tools would. If that connection attempt still results in a WinRM-style error, the troubleshooter will attempt to compare that error to a list of stored strings that we have taken from the related support cases that we have seen. If a match is found, the troubleshooter will display the known causes of that error in the CMD window.

You can download it at : here

Read the full story at http://msexchangeteam.com/archive/2010/12/07/457139.aspx

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