29 mag 2010

Information should be free

Information should be free!
Why should I pay for what should be free?
The world is full of rich......

Bite your Apple!!!

28 mag 2010

Exchange 2007/2010: Send as permission on Distribution Group

Do you need setup the  "send as" permission on distribution group?

It's simple. 

We can use the following cmdlet from Exchange Management Shell:
Add-ADPermission UniversalDistributionGroup -ExtendedRights Send-As -user UserWhoSends

Exchange 2010: BPA error: "Active Directory domain 'XXXX' has an unrecognized Exchange signature Current DomainPrep version: 12639."

Don't worry!

The Best Pratice Analyzer from toolbox, returns following error:
"Active Directory domain 'XXXX' has an unrecognized Exchange signature. Current DomainPrep version: 12639."

This a known issue now and will be fixed in SP1 for Exchange 2010.

25 mag 2010

Pst file format: Microsoft offers developers new Outlook tools under Apache open-source license

A .PST Data Structure View Tool and a .PST File Format SDK are available under the Apache open-source license.
“The .pst Data Structure View Tool is a graphical browser of internal data structures for .pst files that enables a developer to better understand .pst file content. The .pst File Format SDK is a cross-platform library that allows developers to read data stored in .pst files and develop applications accessing the data. In the near future, the capability to write data to .pst files will be added to the SDK.”


19 mag 2010

Exchange 2010: The Save all attachment button does not work in Outlook and nothing appears when clicking the button

When users receive a MIME message from the Internet with attachments, Exchange 2010 Content Conversion sets Content-Id on all attachments, thus making them inline for Outlook. So Outlook is unable to list these attachments in "save attachments" command.

Currently, Outlook 2003/2007 only checks if PR_ATTACH_CONTENT_ID is present to decide if the attachments is suspect and hide it from the user (in the save all attach dialog). Outlook team would change this behavior so that Outlook looks for PR_ATTACH_CONTENT_LOCATION as well, and maybe check if R_ATTACHMENT_HIDDEN== true too.

With this Outlook design change, you will no longer have the same issue in Exchange 2010 environment.

That is why it doesn't work if we save attachments using the following methods:

1. Click File (menu) -> Save Attachments.
2. Open the mail, and go to the Office button
Save As
Save Attachments.
3 CTRL + A  and CTRL + V

This issue is supposed to fixed in Outlook 2007 SP3

5 mag 2010

Google Chrome 5.0.375.29 has been released to the Beta channel on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Google Chrome 5.0.375.29 has been released to the Beta channel on Linux, Mac, and Windows.
Some key features from this release include:
  • HTML5 Features: Geolocation, App Cache, web sockets, file drag-and-drop.
  • Integrated Flash Player Plugin
  • V8 performance improvements
  • Preferences synchronization
  • NaCl behind a flag
The changes in Google Chrome 5.0 Beta are explained in more detail on the Google Chrome Blog.

To get on the Beta channel, you can download Google Chrome from