31 lug 2015

ACTIVE DIRECTORY DOMAIN SERVICES: KCC Error 1311, LDAP Error 8341, Event ID 1922, 1864

On problematic server go to start, then run, and type in services.msc and hit enter. Look for "Kerberos Key Distribution Center Service" and right click it and choose properties.
Change the startup type to "Manual"
Click ok to exit that window, now right click the service again and choose "Stop"
Now right click the command prompt and run as administrator. Then run the following command.
netdom resetpwd /server:destinationserverlink /userd:*your_domain*\administrator /passwordd:*admin_password*

So, in the above be sure to change the "*your_domain*" to your domain, and then use your administrator account and password for the \administrator:password
If the above command gives back a failure reboot SCSRVBC1 and try it again. If it fails again, let me know what the error is. If the command completes successfully, reboot SCSRVBC1, navigate back to the services and right click the kerberos one again and choose properties, now set it back to automatically, click ok to close the window then right click again and choose start.
What we are doing here is trying to re-sync the kerberos password the DC's use to authenticate to one another.

New Domain controller is having trouble replicating from an existing DC, 13508 Event ID for FRS
ntfrsutl forcerepl DC-04 /r "domain system volume (sysvol share)" /p DC-03.domainname.com

Fix – FRS Event 13508
To fix the problem, you need to designate a domain controller to be authoritative for the Sysvol replica set.

1. Stop the File Replication service on the PDC emulator FSMO role holder.
2. Use the Registry Editor to navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NtFrs\Paramaters\Backup\RestoreProcess at Startup.
3. Double-click the BurFlags Value Name, a REG_DWORD data type, and set the data value to D4, using the Hex radix.
4. Exit the Registry Editor.
5. Start the File Replication service.

Note: If the BurFlags Value Name is set to D4 (authoritative) on more that one replica, conflicts and collisions will occur.

Eventually D2 on other DCs

30 lug 2015

Determinare la lingua di installazione di Windows

Se si dovesse rendere necessario conoscere la lingua di base per l'installazione di Windows in cui sono stati aggiunti altri language pack possiamo utilizzare il comando "reg query"

reg query "hklm\system\controlset001\control\nls\language" /v Installlanguage
Avremo un output simile a questo:
0409 --> English
Di seguito i codici relativi alle varie localizzazioni

Primary Language and Keyboard pair
Afrikaans - South Africa
af-ZA: United States - English (0436:00000409)
Albanian - Albania
sq-AL: Albanian (041c:0000041c)
Alsatian - France
gsw-FR: French (0484:0000040c)
Amharic - Ethiopia
am-ET: Amharic Input Method (045e:{E429B25A-E5D3-4D1F-9BE3-0C608477E3A1}{8F96574E-C86C-4bd6-9666-3F7327D4CBE8})
Arabic - Algeria
ar-DZ: Arabic (102) AZERTY (1401:00020401)
Arabic - Bahrain
ar-BH: Arabic (101) (3c01:00000401)
Arabic - Egypt
ar-EG: Arabic (101) (0c01:00000401)
Arabic - Iraq
ar-IQ: Arabic (101) (0801:00000401)
Arabic - Jordan
ar-JO: Arabic (101) (2c01:00000401)
Arabic - Kuwait
ar-KW: Arabic (101) (3401:00000401)
Arabic - Lebanon
ar-LB: Arabic (101) (3001:00000401)
Arabic - Libya
ar-LY: Arabic (101) (1001:00000401)
Arabic - Morocco
ar-MA: Arabic (102) AZERTY (1801:00020401)
Arabic - Oman
ar-OM: Arabic (101) (2001:00000401)
Arabic - Qatar
ar-QA: Arabic (101) (4001:00000401)
Arabic - Saudi Arabia
ar-SA: Arabic (101) (0401:00000401)
Arabic - Syria
ar-SY: Arabic (101) (2801:00000401)
Arabic - Tunisia
ar-TN: Arabic (102) AZERTY (1c01:00020401)
Arabic - U.A.E.
ar-AE: Arabic (101) (3801:00000401)
Arabic - Yemen
ar-YE: Arabic (101) (2401:00000401)
Armenian - Armenia
hy-AM: Armenian Phonetic (042b:0002042b)
Assamese - India
as-IN: Assamese - Inscript (044d:0000044d)
Azerbaijani - Azerbaijan (Cyrillic)
az-Cyrl-AZ: Azeri Cyrillic (082c:0000082c)
Azerbaijani - Azerbaijan (Latin)
az-Latn-AZ: Azeri Latin (042c:0000042c)
Bangla - Bangladesh
bn-BD: Bengali (0845:00000445)
Bangla - India (Bengali Script)
bn-IN: Bengali - INSCRIPT (0445:00020445)
Bashkir - Russia
ba-RU: Bashkir (046d:0000046d)
Basque - Basque
eu-ES: Spanish (042d:0000040a)
Belarusian - Belarus
be-BY: Belarusian (0423:00000423)
Bosnian - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Cyrillic)
bs-Cyrl-BA: Bosnian (Cyrillic) (201a:0000201a)
Bosnian - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Latin)
bs-Latn-BA: Croatian (141a:0000041a)
Breton - France
br-FR: French (047e:0000040c)
Bulgarian - Bulgaria
bg-BG: Bulgarian (0402:00030402)
Burmese - Myanmar
my-MM: Myanmar (0455:00010c00)
Catalan - Catalan
ca-ES: Spanish (0403:0000040a)
Central Atlas Tamazight (Latin) - Algeria
fr-FR: French (040c:0000040c)
Central Atlas Tamazight (Latin) - Algeria
tzm-Latn-DZ: Central Atlas Tamazight (085f:0000085f)
Central Atlas Tamazight (Tifinagh) - Morocco
tzm-Tfng-MA: (105f:0000105f)
Central Kurdish (Iraq)
ku-Arab-IQ: (0492:00000492)
Cherokee (Cherokee, United States)
chr-Cher-US: Cherokee Nation (045c:0000045c)
Chinese - Hong Kong
zh-TW: Chinese (Traditional) - Quick (0404:{531FDEBF-9B4C-4A43-A2AA-960E8FCDC732}{6024B45F-5C54-11D4-B921-0080C882687E})
Chinese - Macao
zh-TW: Chinese (Traditional) - Quick (0404:{531FDEBF-9B4C-4A43-A2AA-960E8FCDC732}{6024B45F-5C54-11D4-B921-0080C882687E})
Chinese - PRC
zh-CN: Microsoft Pinyin - Simple Fast (0804:{81D4E9C9-1D3B-41BC-9E6C-4B40BF79E35E}{FA550B04-5AD7-411f-A5AC-CA038EC515D7})
Chinese - Singapore
zh-CN: Microsoft Pinyin - Simple Fast (0804:{81D4E9C9-1D3B-41BC-9E6C-4B40BF79E35E}{FA550B04-5AD7-411f-A5AC-CA038EC515D7})
Chinese - Taiwan
For Windows 8:
zh-TW: Chinese (Traditional) - New Phonetic (0404:{531FDEBF-9B4C-4A43-A2AA-960E8FCDC732}{B2F9C502-1742-11D4-9790-0080C882687E})
for Windows 8.1:
zh-TW: Chinese (Traditional) - New Phonetic (0404:{B115690A-EA02-48D5-A231-E3578D2FDF80}{B2F9C502-1742-11D4-9790-0080C882687E})
Corsican - France
co-FR: French (0483:0000040c)
Croatian - Bosnia and Herzegovina
hr-BA: Croatian (101a:0000041a)
Croatian - Croatia
hr-HR: Croatian (041a:0000041a)
Czech - Czech Republic
cs-CZ: Czech (0405:00000405)
Danish - Denmark
da-DK: Danish (0406:00000406)
Dari - Afghanistan
prs-AF: Persian (Standard) (048c:00050429)
Divehi - Maldives
dv-MV: Divehi Phonetic (0465:00000465)
Dutch - Belgium
nl-BE: Belgian (Period) (0813:00000813)
Dutch - Netherlands
nl-NL: United States - International (0413:00020409)
English - Australia
en-AU: United States - English (0c09:00000409)
English - Belize
en-BZ: United States - English (2809:00000409)
English - Canada
en-CA: United States - English (1009:00000409)
English - Caribbean
en-029: United States - English (2409:00000409)
English - India
en-IN: India (4009:00004009)
English - Ireland
en-IE: Irish (1809:00001809)
English - Jamaica
en-JM: United States - English (2009:00000409)
English - Malaysia
en-MY: United States - English (4409:00000409)
English - New Zealand
en-NZ: United States - English (1409:00000409)
English - Philippines
en-PH: United States - English (3409:00000409)
English - Singapore
en-SG: United States - English (4809:00000409)
English - South Africa
en-ZA: United States - English (1c09:00000409)
English - Trinidad
en-TT: United States - English (2c09:00000409)
English - United Kingdom
en-GB: United Kingdom (0809:00000809)
English - United States
en-US: United States - English (0409:00000409)
English - Zimbabwe
en-ZW: United States - English (3009:00000409)
Estonian - Estonia
et-EE: Estonian (0425:00000425)
Faroese - Faroe Islands
fo-FO: Danish (0438:00000406)
Filipino - Philippines
fil-PH: United States - English (0464:00000409)
Finnish - Finland
fi-FI: Finnish (040b:0000040b)
French - Belgium
fr-BE: Belgian French (080c:0000080c)
French - Canada
fr-CA: Canadian Multilingual Standard (0c0c:00011009)
French - France
fr-FR: French (040c:0000040c)
French - Luxembourg
fr-LU: Swiss French (140c:0000100C)
French - Monaco
fr-MC: French (180c:0000040c)
French - Switzerland
fr-CH: Swiss French (100c:0000100c)
Frisian - Netherlands
fy-NL: United States - International (0462:00020409)
Fulah (Latin, Senegal)
ff-Latn-SN: Wolof (0867:00000488)
Galician - Galician
gl-ES: Spanish (0456:0000040a)
Georgian - Georgia
ka-GE: Georgian (QWERTY) (0437:00010437)
German - Austria
de-AT: German (0c07:00000407)
German - Germany
de-DE: German (0407:00000407)
German - Liechtenstein
de-LI: Swiss German (1407:00000807)
German - Luxembourg
de-LU: German (1007:00000407)
German - Switzerland
de-CH: Swiss German (0807:00000807)
Greek - Greece
el-GR: Greek (0408:00000408)
Greenlandic - Greenland
kl-GL: Danish (046f:00000406)
Guarani - Paraguay
gn-PY: Guarani (0474:00000474)
Gujarati - India (Gujarati Script)
gu-IN: Gujarati (0447:00000447)
Hausa (Latin) - Nigeria
ha-Latn-NG: Hausa (0468:00000468)
Hawaiian - United States
haw-US: (0475:00000475)
Hebrew - Israel
he-IL: (040d:0002040d)
Hindi - India
hi-IN: Hindi Traditional (0439:00010439)
Hungarian - Hungary
hu-HU: Hungarian (040e:0000040e)
Icelandic - Iceland
is-IS: Icelandic (040f:0000040f)
Igbo - Nigeria
ig-NG: Igbo (0470:00000470)
Inari Sami - Finland
smn-FI: Finnish with Sami (243b:0001083b)
Indonesian - Indonesia
id-ID: United States - English (0421:00000409)
Inuktitut (Latin) - Canada
iu-Latn-CA: Inuktitut - Latin (085d:0000085d)
Inuktitut (Syllabics) - Canada
iu-Cans-CA: Inuktitut - Naqittaut (045d:0001045d)
Irish - Ireland
ga-IE: Irish (083c:00001809)
isiXhosa / Xhosa - South Africa
xh-ZA: United States - English (0434:00000409)
isiZulu / Zulu - South Africa
zu-ZA: United States - English (0435:00000409)
Italian - Italy
it-IT: Italian (0410:00000410)
Italian - Switzerland
it-CH: Swiss French (0810:0000100c)
Japanese - Japan
ja-JP: Microsoft IME (0411:{03B5835F-F03C-411B-9CE2-AA23E1171E36}{A76C93D9-5523-4E90-AAFA-4DB112F9AC76})
Javanese (Latin) - Indonesia
jv-Latn-ID: US (0c00:00000409)
Kannada - India (Kannada Script)
kn-IN: Kannada (044b:0000044b)
Kazakh - Kazakhstan
kk-KZ: Kazakh (043f:0000043f)
Khmer - Cambodia
km-KH: Khmer (0453:00000453)
K'iche - Guatemala
qut-GT: Latin American (0486:0000080a)
Kinyarwanda - Rwanda
rw-RW: United States - English (0487:00000409)
Konkani - India
kok-IN: Devanagari-INSCRIPT (0457:00000439)
Korean(Extended Wansung) - Korea
ko-KR: Microsoft IME (0412:{A028AE76-01B1-46C2-99C4-ACD9858AE02F}{B5FE1F02-D5F2-4445-9C03-C568F23C99A1})
Kyrgyz - Kyrgyzstan
ky-KG: Kyrgyz Cyrillic (0440:00000440)
Lao - Lao PDR
lo-LA: Lao (0454:00000454)
Latvian - Legacy
lv-LV: Latvian (QWERTY) (0426:00010426)
Latvian - Standard
lv-LV: Latvian (Standard) (0426:00020426)
Lithuanian - Lithuania
lt-LT: Lithuanian (0427:00010427)
Lower Sorbian - Germany
dsb-DE: Sorbian Standard (082e:0002042e)
Lule Sami - Norway
smj-NO: Norwegian with Sami (103b:0000043b)
Lule Sami - Sweden
smj-SE: Swedish with Sami (143b:0000083b)
Luxembourgish - Luxembourg
lb-LU: Luxembourgish (046e:0000046e)
Macedonian - F.Y.R.O.M
mk-MK: Macedonia (FYROM) - Standard (042f:0001042f)
Malay - Brunei
ms-BN: United States - English (083e:00000409)
Malay - Malaysia
ms-MY: United States - English (043e:00000409)
Malayalam - India (Malayalam Script)
ml-IN: Malayalam (044c:0000044c)
Maltese - Malta
mt-MT: Maltese 47-Key (043a:0000043a)
Maori - New Zealand
mi-NZ: Maori (0481:00000481)
Mapudungun - Chile
arn-CL: Latin American (047a:0000080a)
Marathi - India
mr-IN: Marathi (044e:0000044e)
Mohawk - Mohawk
moh-CA: United States - English (047c:00000409)
Mongolian (Cyrillic) - Mongolia
mn-MN: Mongolian Cyrillic (0450:00000450)
Mongolian (Mongolian) - Mongolia
mn-Mong-MN: Traditional Mongolian (Standard) (0c50:00010850)
Mongolian (Mongolian – PRC – Legacy)
mn-Mong-CN: Mongolian (Mongolian Script) (0850:00000850)
Mongolian (Mongolian– PRC – Standard)
mn-Mong-CN: Mongolian (Mongolian Script) (0850:00010850)
N'ko – Guinea
nqo-GN: N’Ko (0c00:00090C00)
Nepali - Nepal
ne-NP: Nepali (0461:00000461)
Northern Sami - Finland
se-FI: Finnish with Sami (0c3b:0001083b)
Northern Sami - Norway
se-NO: Norwegian with Sami (043b:0000043b)
Northern Sami - Sweden
se-SE: Swedish with Sami (083b:0000083b)
Norwegian - Norway (Bokmål)
nb-NO: Norwegian (0414:00000414)
Norwegian - Norway (Nynorsk)
nn-NO: Norwegian (0814:00000414)
Occitan - France
oc-FR: French (0482:0000040c)
Odia - India (Odia Script)
or-IN: Oriya (0448:00000448)
Pashto - Afghanistan
ps-AF: Pashto (Afghanistan) (0463:00000463)
fa-IR: Central Kurdish (0429:00000429)
Polish - Poland
pl-PL: Polish (Programmers) (0415:00000415)
Portuguese - Brazil
pt-BR: Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT) (0416:00000416)
Portuguese - Portugal
pt-PT: Portuguese (0816:00000816)
Punjabi - India (Gurmukhi Script)
pa-IN: Punjabi (0446:00000446)
Punjabi (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
pa-Arab-PK: Urdu (0846:00000420)
Quechua - Bolivia
quz-BO: Latin American (046b:0000080a)
Quechua - Ecuador
quz-EC: Latin American (086b:0000080a)
Quechua - Peru
quz-PE: Latin American (0c6b:0000080a)
Romanian - Romania
ro-RO: Romanian (Standard) (0418:00010418)
Romansh - Switzerland
rm-CH: Swiss German (0417:00000807)
Russian - Russia
ru-RU: Russian (0419:00000419)
Sakha - Russia
sah-RU: Sakha (0485:00000485)
Sanskrit - India
sa-IN: Devanagari-INSCRIPT (044f:00000439)
Scottish Gaelic - United Kingdom
gd-GB: Gaelic (0491:00011809)
Serbian - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Cyrillic)
sr-Cyrl-BA: Serbian (Cyrillic) (1c1a:00000c1a)
Serbian - Bosnia and Herzegovina (Latin)
sr-Latn-BA: Serbian (Latin) (181a:0000081a)
Serbian - Montenegro (Cyrillic)
sr-Cyrl-ME: Serbian (Cyrillic) (301a:00000c1a)
Serbian - Montenegro (Latin)
sr-Latn-ME: Serbian (Latin) (2c1a:0000081a)
Serbian - Serbia (Cyrillic)
sr-Cyrl-RS: Serbian (Cyrillic) (281a:00000c1a)
Serbian - Serbia (Latin)
sr-Latn-RS: Serbian (Latin) (241a:0000081a)
Serbian - Serbia and Montenegro (Former) (Cyrillic)
sr-Cyrl-CS: Serbian (Cyrillic) (0c1a:00000c1a)
Serbian - Serbia and Montenegro (Former) (Latin)
sr-Latn-CS: Serbian (Latin) (081a:0000081a)
Sesotho sa Leboa / Northern Sotho - South Africa
nso-ZA: Sesotho sa Leboa (046c:0000046c)
Setswana / Tswana - Botswana
tn-BW: Setswana (0832:00000432)
Setswana / Tswana - South Africa
tn-ZA: Setswana (0432:00000432)
Shona – Zimbabwe
sn-Latn-ZW: US (0c00:00000409)
Sindhi (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
sd-Arab-PK: Urdu (0859:00000420)
Sinhala - Sri Lanka
si-LK: Sinhala (045b:0000045b)
Skolt Sami - Finland
sms-FI: Finnish with Sami (203b:0001083b)
Slovak - Slovakia
sk-SK: Slovak (041b:0000041b)
Slovenian - Slovenia
sl-SI: Slovenian (0424:00000424)
Southern Sami - Norway
sma-NO: Norwegian with Sami (183b:0000043b)
Southern Sami - Sweden
sma-SE: Swedish with Sami (1c3b:0000083b)
Spanish - Argentina
es-AR: Latin American (2c0a:0000080a)
Spanish - Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
es-VE: Latin American (200a:0000080a)
Spanish - Bolivia
es-BO: Latin American (400a:0000080a)
Spanish - Chile
es-CL: Latin American (340a:0000080a)
Spanish - Colombia
es-CO: Latin American (240a:0000080a)
Spanish - Costa Rica
es-CR: Latin American (140a:0000080a)
Spanish - Dominican Republic
es-DO: Latin American (1c0a:0000080a)
Spanish - Ecuador
es-EC: Latin American (300a:0000080a)
Spanish - El Salvador
es-SV: Latin American (440a:0000080a)
Spanish - Guatemala
es-GT: Latin American (100a:0000080a)
Spanish - Honduras
es-HN: Latin American (480a:0000080a)
Spanish - Mexico
es-MX: Latin American (080a:0000080a)
Spanish - Nicaragua
es-NI: Latin American (4c0a:0000080a)
Spanish - Panama
es-PA: Latin American (180a:0000080a)
Spanish - Paraguay
es-PY: Latin American (3c0a:0000080a)
Spanish - Peru
es-PE: Latin American (280a:0000080a)
Spanish - Puerto Rico
es-PR: Latin American (500a:0000080a)
Spanish - Spain (International Sort)
es-ES: Spanish (0c0a:0000040a)
Spanish - Spain (Traditional Sort)
es-ES_tradnl: Spanish (040a:0000040a)
Spanish - United States
es-US: Latin American (540a:0000080a)
Spanish - Uruguay
es-UY: Latin American (380a:0000080a)
Standard Moroccan Tamazight - Morocco
zgh-Tfng-MA: Tifinagh (Basic) (0c00:0000105F)
Swahili - Kenya
sw-KE: United States - English (0441:00000409)
Swedish - Finland
sv-FI: Swedish (081d:0000041d)
Swedish - Sweden
sv-SE: Swedish (041d:0000041d)
Syriac - Syria
syr-SY: Syriac (045a:0000045a)
Tajik - Tajikistan
tg-Cyrl-TJ: Tajik (0428:00000428)
Tamil - India
ta-IN: Tamil (0449:00000449)
Tamil - Sri Lanka
ta-LK: Tamil (0849:00000449)
Tatar – Russia (Legacy)
tt-RU: Tatar (0444:00000444)
Tatar – Russia (Standard)
tt-RU: Tatar (0444:00010444)
Telugu - India (Telugu Script)
te-IN: Telugu (044a:0000044a)
Thai - Thailand
th-TH: Thai Kedmanee (041e:0000041e)
Tibetan - PRC
bo-CN: Tibetan (PRC) (0451:00010451)
Tigrinya (Eritrea)
ti-ET: Tigrinya Input Method (0473:{E429B25A-E5D3-4D1F-9BE3-0C608477E3A1}{3CAB88B7-CC3E-46A6-9765-B772AD7761FF})
Tigrinya (Ethiopia)
ti-ET: Tigrinya Input Method (0473:{E429B25A-E5D3-4D1F-9BE3-0C608477E3A1}{3CAB88B7-CC3E-46A6-9765-B772AD7761FF})
Turkish - Turkey
tr-TR: Turkish Q (041f:0000041f)
Turkmen - Turkmenistan
tk-TM: Turkmen (0442:00000442)
Ukrainian - Ukraine
uk-UA: Ukrainian (Enhanced) (0422:00020422)
Upper Sorbian - Germany
hsb-DE: Sorbian Standard (042e:0002042e)
Urdu – India
ur-IN: Urdu (0820:00000420)
Urdu (Islamic Republic of Pakistan)
ur-PK: Urdu (0420:00000420)
Uyghur - PRC
ug-CN: Uyghur (0480:00010480)
Uzbek - Uzbekistan (Cyrillic)
uz-Cyrl-UZ: Uzbek Cyrillic (0843:00000843)
Uzbek - Uzbekistan (Latin)
uz-Latn-UZ: United States - English (0443:00000409)
Valencian - Valencia
ca-ES-valencia: Spanish (0803:0000040a)
Vietnamese - Vietnam
vi-VN: Vietnamese (042a:0000042a)
Welsh - United Kingdom
cy-GB: United Kingdom Extended (0452:00000452)
Wolof - Senegal
wo-SN: Wolof (0488:00000488)
Yi - PRC
ii-CN: Yi Input Method(0478:{E429B25A-E5D3-4D1F-9BE3-0C608477E3A1}{409C8376-007B-4357-AE8E-26316EE3FB0D})
Yoruba - Nigeria
yo-NG: Yoruba (046a:0000046a)