27 giu 2011

Outlook 2010 Shared Mailbox: Sent or deleted Items placed directly in the Shared Mailbox

By default (or design? Smile), Outlook 2010 will place all sent items and deleted items in the user's mailbox. The issue with this is that users of a shared mailbox cannot view what emails have been sent or deleted. In Outlook 2007, you could manually enable this feature by adding a registry key. This doesn't work the same way in Outlook 2010. There is a fix though.

  1. Request the hotfix from Microsoft found at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2459115
    You need will need to fill out the information to have Microsoft send you a link to the hotfixes. There is one for x64 and x86. (Probably it will included in SP1)
  2. Install the provided hotfix.
  3. On the client computer logged in as the user, add the following registry key (based on http://support.microsoft.com/kb/972148):


"DelegateSentItemsStyle" =dword:00000001

  1. And if we want mantain in the shared mailbox also the deleted items..


“DelegateWastebasketStyle” =dword:00000004

  1. In the mail profile, add each shared mailbox as an account.

  2. Reboot the computer.

2 commenti:

  1. Per visualizzare invece le mail eliminate nella cartella Posta Eliminata della shared box


    creare la DWORD
    con valore value 4

    Anche le bozze vanno a finire nella mailbox dell'utente.
    Ci sarà un'altra chiave da aggiungere? :D
    In teoria nell' SP1 di Office 2010 dovrebbero aver inserito il fix menzionato e queste chiavi di registro.

  2. Ciao Daniele,
    Grazie della segnalazione.
    Ho aggiornato il post.

    Thanks to Daniele for your suggestion.
    Post uptated!