4 apr 2011

How to connect SkyDrive as logical unit with Online ID provider

SkyDrive is an online storage system included in Windows Live, which gives you 25 GB of space that you can sync to your desktop. Here’s how to connect it to your Windows 7 computer as a mapped drive.

First of all, you need to go to http://skydrive.live.com and use your Windows Live account (the same you use to access Hotmail, Messenger, Windows Live Mail or MSN) to log in and create the folders you want to use by using the New menu. You can create private and shared folders and customize the access for every one of them.


If you haven´t installed the Windows Live ID provider, you will be taken to a website to download it.

Now, to get the address where to map your SkyDrive´s folders, you can open Excel, Word, PowerPoint or OneNote 2010 click on File and then on Save & Send.

Select Save to Web and then click on the folder you want to map.

Double click on the folder you want to map and copy the folder´s address.

Click on Map network drive.

And you can paste the folder´s address, select a drive letter and select Reconnect at logon

The folder will open in a new window.

And you will see and access your mapped drive in the Computer window.

More at Source: http://www.howtogeek.com/56096/how-to-use-skydrives-25-gb-as-a-mapped-drive-for-easy-access/

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