21 feb 2011

How to connect Linux Evolution to Exchange 2010 or SBS 2011

Want to have a client for Exchange 2010?  For Free ?  Yes ?

Linux and Gnome Evolution are the solution.

Follows the steps below:

1. Download a linux distribution like i.e. Ubuntu Desktop.

2. Install evolution-mapi support from Ubuntu Software Center.


3. Start Evolution Mail and then click on Forward for two times. Insert your Full Name and Email Addressa and then click on Forward.


4. Click on Server Type and select Exchange Mapi. Type your Exchange Server hostname in the Server field, Logon access name in the Username field and then type your Domain name in the Domain name filed. Now click on Authenticate and type the AD password.


5. Evolution now works with Microsoft Exchange


enjoy Smile

2 commenti:

  1. Hi all,
    always had a hard time with evolution, slow and buggy on owa.
    Another way to do it is Thunderbird+Davmail. 2mn config, fast and reliable!
    Here's a link to a good how to: